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It is a box 30/15 cm large (the size is unique for all) in which one may put everything possibly helpful to survive. It might be something spiritual, giving inspiration or coming from our childhood, something that simply makes us feel better when we have hard times, or it may speak about the situations we wouldn’t close our eyes at, the society problems, wars, hunger, etc.


The survival kit can be realized by everyone and it this variety that makes the kits unique.

It is a journey we are making to share within the great number of different realizations, post cards, catalogues, conferences on the topic of the artistic survival, social researches, the cultural and creative diversity in different countries.


Every exhibition aims to represent the individual value of each box in the given space. The kits will be arranged in rows on the wooden stands 30/30 cm large.

The individual reading of the piece is easier taking into consideration the exhibition on a whole.

The boxes will be open in the way they could be better introduced to the audience (public). Every kit is a miniature art gallery of the 15 cm3 space.


Each artist is free to express his/her ideas, according to his/her own view.


The coordinators in every country are to arrange the exhibition and to guarantee certain conditions of the presentation. Thus, any kind of xenophobic, nationalistic or sectarian messages won’t be admitted.


The main topic of the action is the survival kit; therefore everything related to it, in a personal, collective, temporal or timeless way might become an object of the kit.




Barbara Lebœuf






Our time is with war, bloody confrontations, forced displacements of million people, the exodus of refugees, and natural disasters throwing people out on the street. The question we want to ask is: What would we take with us if by misfortune we were obliged to leave everything behind apart from a simple box?


Each artist taking part in the project endeavours to gather the elements, which would be necessary to their survival. Not their material survival, but the objects and reminders that would be necessary or essential to their spiritual survival.


Artist’s survival kit is:


-    a new artistic concept which thus gives complete freedom to all to bring together the objects which testify to their unique approach to survival.  The only constraint is the very reduced dimensions of the box to contain the kit: a sugar box provided by the organizers


-    a new cultural step. People of particular neighbourhoods or schoolchildren can in turn imagine their kit of survival


-    an essential question to both contemporary artists and to different populations.  In this world based on the accumulation of objects and unrestrained consumption, what is essential? What might allow us to survive spiritually in extreme situations?





Nourit Masson Sekiné                                                        Jean-Max Souly







Initiated in March 2003 in Strasbourg, the project took place in the gallery EADS where 30 kits were exposed.


It was continued by the London artists and the group “Artists Against The War”. In October 2003, the French kits were presented together with the English ones in the “Hotel Bellville” gallery.


Another exhibitions are planned in Stuttgart (Germany), Cascais (Portugal) and Vienna  (Austria) in 2005. There are 10 countries represented by different cultural places and independent coordinators that agreed to get involved into this project all around the world.


Supporting the project of the artistic survival kit means to give the possibility to every artist to express him/herself regarding the idea of the personal survival and the survival of the society in which we live in general.





EADS gallery, Strasbourg                                         ”Hotel Bellville” gallery, London









-         meeting of a representative of Le Parlement des Arts with the coordinator and local artists; presentation of the project and delivery of the kits (boxes)


-          fixing the dates and the place of the exhibition


-         exhibition of “local” kits together with a selection of Artist’s Survival Kits of other countries


-         follow-up: touring exhibitions presenting the kits of all the countries participating in the project





î A few kits will be printed on the post cards diffused all around the world to promote the project. A part of these cards will be given to the organizer and the artists.


î A publication consecrated to the “Artist’s survival kit” project is planned.








Laetitia Letzer                                                             David Hurstel